The monsters of the game.

Bosses and Special Encounters Edit

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Standard Monsters Edit

1.Stirge-Small flying red bats, att:9, hp:1, getting killed by this results in shame and embarassment.

2.Kobold- Cowardly green dogs, att:10, hp:1. he hits with his cane nine..

3.Goblin- Small, green creatures that resembles orc, only smaller.. att:11, hp:1

4.Skeleton- Risen dead bony warrior which is weak against dogs, att:12, hp:1, causes fear

5.Zombie- Low intelligence corpse that attack with punity, att:12, hp:1

6.Orc- Warmongering creatures with axe as weapon.. att: 13, hp:1

7.Carrion crawler, A burrowing worm that carries weak poson.. att:13, hp:1, cause poison 

8.Grey slime- Will turn you things into nothings, att:13, hp:1, attack failure results in item lost (steal).

9.Green slime- Cousin of grey slime, only deadlier.. att:13, hp:1, causes poisoning.

10. Ghoul- If you play warcraft, you know this fella'.. att:14, causes disease

11.Bandit- A thief that comes out of nowhere. att:15, hp:1 steal an item if attack fails.

12.Wight- A wandering freak that have cursed spirit inside it. att:15, hp:1, causes fear.

13.Harpy- 13 is bad luck, this flying thing makes it worse. att:15, hp:1,will curse you.

14.Gargantua Snake- a really medium snake with a wonderful venomous bite, att:15, hp:1, will poison you.

15.Giant spider- another awesome creature with a deadly toxin, att:15, hp: 2, will poison you.

16.Ogre- not to be confused with Shrek the ogre, att:15, hp:2

17. Troll- if only he was such a trollface, att:15, hp:2

18. Shadow- on a nice day, your shadow decides to kill you! att:16, hp:2, causes fear.

19.Owl bear- a result of genetic engeneering beetween owls and bears, att:16, hp:2

20. Hag- Witches! burn them! burn theemmmm!!! att:17, hp:1, will turn you into frog.

21.Basilisk- a something that petrifies you, att:18, hp:1, turns you into stone for days.

22.Cockatrice, damned birds that also petrifies you, att:19, hp:1 turns you into stone for 9 days.

23. Minotaur- Savage bulls that are very very violent, att:19, hp:1

24.Mind flayer- Squidly humainoid that enjoys killing wizards, att:20 (+5 if wizards), hp:3

25.Beholder- Freakly eyed creature from Monsters Inc., att:21, hp:3, immune to spells.

26.Lich- A very dangerous wizard that you don't want to joke with, att:25, hp:3, will curse you, rewards gold.

27.Small red dragon- A young dragon that can tear you to pieces, att:23, hp:3, rewards gold.

28.Empire patrol- Damn guards!, att:random, hp:random, attacking them makes you a criminal.

29.Ring Wraiths- Have you seen the movie? Lol. hp: is at least 5-10, maybe more. power is between 7-19. Rewards 2 exp